A Varierty of Digital Imaging solutions that deliver High Image Quality, High Precision & High Speed.

Business - Color Multi-Functional Printers & Copiers

Color can make all the difference in presentation. Impressive color graphics and unforgettable color images are often just the edge you need to increase productivity in business. We offer color-printing solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises and corporate houses with affordable, high performance multi-function machines that will put the power of color to work for you.

Business - Multi-Functional Printers & Copiers

From state-of-the-art digital imaging technology and the latest software solutions, to high volume production printing systems, Unicom offers today's most innovative and enduring Solutions. We analyze the document workflow, printing and copying systems and respond with a specific plan for streamlining and integrating these processes. Thus we put the best technology to work for our customers.

Personal - Multi-Functional Printers

Unicom brings you the full range of the world's most dependable copiers and digital multifunctional office systems. You can count on us for everything from personal desk-top printers to high-speed copiers and get superior performance at a lower cost.


Document scanners are capable of handling a wide variety of document types, including thick documents, multi-sheet forms, and cards. Additional features like Double Feed Detection and Skew Detection correct common document feeding errors to ensure your scanning tasks run without a hitch.

Digital Duplicators

Digital printers with computer interfaces offer a low cost alternative to expensive printing machines without affecting the print quality or reliability. These can print on paper, envelopes, etc. at speeds of up-to 130 copies per minute. Printing through this method can save up-to 80% as compared to copying costs. They are ideal for high volume jobs that are too big for copiers or laser printers and too small to be sent to an outside offset printing company.

Rental Models

For managing your high volume documentation and image production, we offer solutions apart from purchase of assets. Whether the best solution for you is to purchase, lease or rent, with or without manpower, we offer multiple solutions for your specific needs through our Customized Facility and Asset Management Program.

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