Simplify With Convergence : Today collaboration of Telecom and IT Infrastructures leverages services like Corporate Directories, Corroboration, call control, and the integration of business workflow and processes - is the cornerstone of a new set of requirements for the next generation branch office that will change your business significantly.

We along with YOU understand the power of your network and help you optimize your resources to be much more productive not compromising on your network security, scalability and reliability.

IP Telephony
IP-telephony has many advantages over the circuit-switched telephone network. It costsmuch less to set up, easier to implements certain services, allows mobility among others

UC over IP Telephony
Enhance the experience of users with a single window for Presence, Voicemail, Fax Mails, Directory Services, Directory Services, Video, and much more…

UC on Converged Platforms
UC also available for existing legacy TDM PBXs. Simply! Upgrade to UC Platforms Suites.

Remote Branch UC Platforms
Distances no longer a hurdle!... Connect multiple geographically separated offices to a single Platform with a simplified & a constant user Experience.

SIP Based Open Platform Solutions
Open your offices with Open-Standard Platforms … SIP

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