Multi Sector Expertise

Powering Relations

We aim to be our clients' preferred expert and service provider across many industries and in every market and we work hard to anticipate your needs in order to ensure that we deliver relevant solutions and valuable insights.

Government & Public Sector

Utilizing the resources and investments is of utmost importance in this sector. We have engaged with International establishments, facilitating customized High-Speed, Low-Cost Print solutions. We are also focused in this space in Voice & AV Solutions for an better working environment.


The Retail industry is swept by the technological transformation. The sector is adopting Unified Communication and Collaboration technologies on a large scale, especially within its supply chain management. Investment in these solutions are meeting returns on investment (ROI) expectations for retailers, in addition to operational efficiency.


This involves leveraging the infrastructure and transforming the same to a digital campus where tutors and students need to have quick and fast data access. Unicom Infotel provides tight integrated solutions including cost effective print solutions and secured campus connectivity, while ensuring the institutions infrastructure is optimally utilized.


The biggest changes are being faced by the manufacturing industries in their business environment. The requirement of manufacturers includes increased customization and shorter delivery times. We provide end-to-end support to clients in manufacturing and service industries to meet their Data Infrastructure needs.

Hospitality & Healthcare

Price comparisons, customer reviews, online bookings - anywhere any-time; these lifestyle changes have started demanding a new level of service. Unicom Infotel's expertise in this segment involves understanding the needs of the project from inception and not compromising on the expectations of customer.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Today's BFSI segment is increasingly dynamic & requires a response that is fast and also effective. Unicom's expertise on Voice, Video & Data Networking, be it central premise or multi-locations across India, aids improved efficiency and transforms a better workplace for collaboration.

Logistics & Airlines

Due to increasing demands in this segment, the industry is relying on technology more than ever before. Unicom Infotel provides solutions like infrastructure management of Voice-Data, Print Solutions or board room solutions.